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Texas Decoy Rigs

Our Texas Decoy Rigs Are Made In The USA And Are Constructed From The Best Materials On The Market

Our Decoy Texas Rig line features pre-made texas style decoy rigs ready to be attached for your next hunt. They are hand made by waterfowl hunters for hunters in the USA. We searched long and hard for the best materials to construct our Texas Rigs to last you season after season. Not only do we want to be the most well made on the market, but we also want to be the most affordable. It was this initiative that allowed us to keep our prices low and quality at a high level. Our rigs are available in multiple different colors and lengths that will have a size perfect for any type of hunting terrain you may encounter. Our decoy rigs are made from UV resistant PVC cable with various kinds of texas rig decoy weights. We make all of our rigs with either egg sinker, mushroom weights, or bank sinkers. Our PVC coated wire is a 7x7 structure 304 stainless steel cable. The OD is 3/32inch (2.38mm) and s weight tested up to 480lbs. We use aluminum crimps with a heavy-duty ball bearing swivel with coast lock. These coast lock snaps allow for easy attaching and detaching from your decoys. Since our cable is a premium coated cable it will prevent the onset of rust. All of our cables are proven to be disguised from the air for incoming waterfowl.

 Our Texas Rig Decoys Are Made To Anchor Your Decoy Spread In The Worst Conditions

Our decoy rigs are specially designed to hold firm in the worst conditions. We use high-quality gear to help decrease the drag of the rigs in the water to give your decoys optimal movement with little currents or wind. We know many waterfowl hunters like to use a specific size weight and style. Our decoy weights are available with a few things in mind. Bank sinkers are perfect to be used in areas with heavy aquatic weeds. Mushroom weights are to be used in tidal areas or areas with heavy currents and hard bottoms. If there are not, currents and heavy vegetation, we prefer the traditional egg sinker for use. Our Texas rigs are tangle-free and help prevent headaches when out in the field. We hold our decoys together with a carabiner that will help you store them easier in the offseason. 

How To Texas Rig Decoys And When To Use:

  • 30" Rigs: Flooded Timber and Rice Fields (up to your knees)
  • 48" Rigs: Any Water That is Waist High to Chest Height
  • 60" Rigs: Lake or River Hunting in Deeper Water
  • 72" Rigs: Deepwater Hunting

Texas rigs are one of the easiest to use and quick to clean up. Rig your decoy spreads with a simple click of a snap. Lay them in the field and pick them up with ease and never fear for your decoys to get tangled. Use our decoy hunting rigs season after season and know they will withstand the elements. Make sure to get your Texas decoy rigs today and be ready for your next duck hunting trip.



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