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    Swimbait Hooks

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    The Best Swimbait Hooks On The Market Swimbait Hooks Specs: Hooks: Mustad Hook Sizes: 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, and 6/0 Bait Keeper: Screw Lock Col...

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    Original Price $ 4.99
    Current Price $ 3.99
    Save 20%


The best swimbaits and swimbait hooks are at Hunting and Fishing Depot

Swimbaits are such an essential lure for anglers. At hunting and fishing depot we know how important it is to fish with a bait that works. We have taken it up ourselves to sell only the best swimbaits on the market. We carry soft plastic swimbaits, shad swimbaits, soft body, hard body swimbaits, paddle tail, glide baits and swimbait jigheads. One advantage of fishing these lures is they work great for both freshwater and saltwater species. Largemouth bass destroys them, stripers hate them and saltwater water species like redfish and trout kill them.

Shop our selection of very effective swimbaits for both fresh and saltwater applications. Our own Broken Back Trout glide bait is a favorite lure for massive largemouth and striper or striped bass all over the US.  Try some of our smaller swimbaits and paddle tails from K Wigglers and Egret Baits.  Great for inshore fishing and freshwater largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing as well. K Wigglers are very productive for Trout, Redfish, and Flounder throughout the southern US coast. They come in many different colors to appease all anglers in all conditions.  Rig with a jig head or weedless rig.

Shop Swimbaits at Hunting and Fishing Depot and stock up for your next fishing trip.



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