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Major League Fowl

Major League Fowl Is An Organization of Waterfowl Hunters Founded By Avid Duck Hunters

Major League Fowl is an up and coming Hunting apparel and waterfowl hat company that is taking the industry by storm. Their passion for duck hunting is displayed in their products. Major League Fowl started as a small vision and blossomed into a power house social media presence with over 100K Instagram followers. Their mission was to create something bigger that would help waterfowl hunting as a whole. They set out to unite the waterfowl community around the world. They wanted to establish the common purpose of building a community, provide conservation efforts, teach waterfowl education and preserve the sport of waterfowl hunting for future generations.

On reason we wanted to carry major league fowl is because of their passion for preserving the wetlands. They are active players win delta waterfowl projects and ducks unlimited events. They hope to change the way we view waterfowl hunting. Their love for duck hunting will inspire the new generation of waterfowl hunters. 

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