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Decoy Rigging Supplies

Find All Your Decoy Rigging Supplies At Hunting and Fishing Depot To Make Your Own Rigs

At Hunting and Fishing Depot, we take pride in having the industry's best decoy rigging supplies. We set out to make our Texas Rigs with the best texas rig decoy supplies on the market. We use our unique PVC coated steel cable with the best terminal tackle to bring waterfowl hunters the best texas rig decoys for their decoy spreads. They are made to last, never tangle and hold your decoys in place in the harshest conditions. We have the best decoy rigs on the market and take pride in our craftsmanship. Each rig has been field-tested so you know you are getting a proven winner every time.

We know that many duck hunters will choose to make their own DIY decoy rigs. This is why we offer all the rigging equipment you will need to build your rigs successfully. No matter the kind of decoy weight that desires we will have the 3 most popular bank sinker, mushroom weight, and 3/16 hole egg sinkers. We sell our PVC coated cable in precut sections perfect for any rigging style. We sell the best barrel swivel with coast lock snap, and aluminum crimp sleeves that will complete the rig. Depending on the type of terrain you are duck hunting, several lengths will be perfect. 

  • 30" Rigs: Flooded Timber and Rice Fields (up to your knees)
  • 48" Rigs: Any Water That is Waist High to Chest Height
  • 60" Rigs: Lake or River Hunting in Deeper Water
  • 72" Rigs: Deepwater Hunting

 When it comes to the decoy weights, the bank sinkers are designed to be used in areas with more weeds. Their slick design helps them catch fewer weeds and hold in place in thick vegetation. Mushroom weights are to be used in tidal areas or areas with heavy currents and hard bottoms. If there are not, currents and heavy vegetation, we prefer the traditional egg sinker for use.

Get your decoy rigging supplies today from Hunting and Fishing Depot for your next duck hunting trip.



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