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Shady Rays Sunglasses on the Beach

Guide For Selecting The Best Sunglasses for your Everyday Hunting or Fishing Trip

All Day Hunting Trip or Fishing Trip...... Don't Let Your Eyes Be Damaged!

There is nothing better than spending a day out on the water fishing or hunting for deer, ducks, turkey or anything else you may hunt for. One thing that is important to all anglers or hunters is sunglasses. Whether it be fishing sunglasses or hunting sunglasses, the importance of protecting your eye from the suns harmful UV rays is paramount. All UV rays from direct sunlight or reflective sunlight that comes off any water surface can cause damage 

There are several factors that all anglers and hunters must consider when picking out sunglasses. This includes protection, comfort, price, and warranty. In our opinion, the two most important areas of need are protection and comfort. We hope this guide will help you figure out what exactly you need. Since you will be fishing or hunting, you will be out in the sun for a long period of sun. This makes sunglasses a vital piece of equipment that all hunters and anglers need. You should think of your sunglasses as essential as your reel or gun.

Essential Components For Picking The Right Pair Of Sunglasses

Shady Rays Sunglasses


Protection is the most critical element to any pair of polarized sunglasses. If the lenses do not block out UV Rays or the frames leave areas of your eye exposed, what good are they? A good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from all angles and provide the necessary protection that shields the UV rays from the sides. Another essential area is the lenses. If you are fishing, then require your fishing sunglasses to come with polarized lenses. Not a must when hunting, but still a great idea to have for proper eye protection. The last thing to consider is the frames. The frames should be large enough to block the sun from your eyes from top to bottom but still, allow for excellent vision 180 degrees in front of you.


Something needed for all polarized sunglasses is a comfort. If a pair of sunglasses is not comfortable on your face, then you will not wear them. Several things about sunglasses will determine if they will fit correctly. The most critical begin with the frames. A good pair of sunglasses should fit snugly on your nose and ears. If the frames are pinching or rubbing, then they are not the right size for your face. The weight of the sunglasses is crucial to comfort. The weight of the sunglasses should be distributed evenly between your ears and nose. If your eyelashes contact the frame, then find another pair. Lastly, several styles of fishing sunglasses have adjustable nose pieces. If your pair comes with this then carefully adjust the nose piece by pinching it together or farther apart. Because there is no such thing as a quick fishing trip or hunting trip, we know comfort is so important. Often anglers forget to try their sunglasses together with their hat. Make sure you try your new pair with your ball cap to ensure ultimate comfort.

Breakline Sunglasses and Reds


If you ask any angler or hunter what they are willing to pay for a great pair of sunglasses, they will say anything. We all know that price is something everyone considers. Why pay an arm and a leg for a pair of subpar glasses? We like to get the best bang for our buck. There is no need to pay $300 for polarized sunglasses. It is easy to stay within the $45 to 150 dollar range and be happy with the quality.



The last thing everyone must consider is the warranty.  A good pair of sunglasses needs to be replaced if they are broken. If a company does not offer a warranty on their glasses, then they are will inevitably break. A good pair of sunglasses should come with a lifetime guarantee for material defects or frame defects. Some companies out there will replace a pair of broken frames no questions asked. This is a move they make because they have the confidence in the quality of sunglasses they make.

Best Picks for Hunting and Fishing Sunglasses:

 Here are three of our favorite polarized sunglasses that have all the components to make them a great pair of sunglasses.

1) Shady Rays X-Series Polarized Sunglasses

Shady Rays X-Series

Shady Rays has developed one of the best, most affordable polarized sunglasses on the market. They are known for their HD polarized lenses. These lenses are known for their crystal clear visibility without glare. The lenses are razor thin and come shatter-resistant with UV400 protection. The Shady Ray warranty will replace any lost or broken frames. That is one of the best warranties in the industry. They are priced at a ridiculously low $45. Check out why Shady Rays are one of our top choices in polarized sunglasses.

2) Hoven MONIX: Argonaut Series

Hoven Vision Moxin

Hoven Vision has created the ultimate floating polarized sunglasses. Known for their exceptional comfort and floating frames, these sunglasses are ones that every angler needs. All glasses come with polarized lenses ensuring complete UV ray protection. These frames come with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures them from any manufacturer defects. They are priced at 139.99 dollars.

3) 9 Nines HAVASU Series 

9 Nines Optics Havasu

9 Nines Optics is the ultimate fishing sunglasses.These shades are crafted for comfort. These sunglasses include sharpvision polarized lenses for UV ray protection. All frames come with a limited lifetime warranty ensure any manufacturing defects. They are priced reasonably at $89.

So no matter if you love to hunt or fish. Make sure you have the properly polarized sunglasses to help protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Make sure your sunglasses are effective at UV protection, cover your eyes from the side to the front, are comfortable to wear and are affordable. A great pair of sunglasses will save your eyes and give you many years of quality vision for future hunting or fishing trips.

Feel free to check out our huge selection of polarized sunglasses perfect for hunting or fishing trips. Let us know if you have any questions or need recommendations on any of our sunglasses.



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