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3 Tips For Succefully Unsnagging Lures While Jetty Fishing

NEVER LOSE A LURE: 3 Tips For Succefully Unsnagging Lures While Fishing Jetties

Our 3 Amazing Tips For Successfully Unsnagging Your Jigs and Lures While Fishing The Jetties Will Save You Both Time And Money

One thing that every angler hates while fishing both inshore and offshore is getting caught on the rocks or bottom. Knowing how to successfully unsnag your jigs or lures is a guaranteed way to save time tying on new rigs and ultimately keep money in your pocket. Not to mention, if you're superstitious like me, you probably have that favorite lure or lucky jig that slays that fish that you would jump in after, so knowing how to free it up without getting wet is a necessity. Unsnagging lures is always a challenge that anglers face. No matter how good of an angler you are, you will get hooked up on the bottom or structure at some point. Knowing how to get yourself loose with our 3 amazing unsnagging fishing tips will take your fishing game to the next level. The days of shaking and jerking the rod violently are over. You will never again lose your Christianity cussing and pulling on the line. We are confident we can save the majority of your lures and jigs and make you look like a seasoned pro while doing it.

The jetties are one of the premier inshore fishing areas that anglers love to target while fishing. You will catch a wide variety of species of fish that include: sheepshead, redfish, speckled trout, black drum, and flounder. The jetties are a rock formation that lines the channel that connects the intercoastal to the open ocean. Any species of fish that wishes to pass from one or the other has to travel through the jetties. The rocks provide necessary cover for baitfish which brings in all the predatory fish. This is why some of the biggest inshore fish caught are usually caught in and around the jetties. When fishing around rocks like this, the biggest frustration is always getting hung up. The water currents around the jetties are usually ripping which makes it very easy to get your lure or jigs hung up on the rocks or surrounding structures. Knowing the proper techniques for freeing your line is that separates the pros from the rookies. The very worst mistake you can make is by setting the hook and pulling on the line to try to free it. Sometimes this will free it, but more often than none you will bury the hook deeper or wedge it farther between the rocks. Our 3 tips for unsnagging your lure while fishing the jetties will work for the majority of inshore fishing areas. No matter if you are hung up on an oyster shoal or caught on a channel pylon. Our tips for unsnagging your lures will work. 

Top 3 Unsnagging Tips To Free Your Jigs

Unsnagging Lures Tip #1: Line Shooting

Unsnagging Tips #1: Line Shooting

Line Shooting To Unsnag Your Jig

My favorite method for freeing a snagged lure on the jetties is by line shooting. No this does not involve a gun. When a jig gets wedges between rocks or under a rock, this technique provides enough force to pop it out. How it works is rather easy and any angler can do it.  The first thing you do is flip your bail. Grab the line at the top of your rod and pull it down to reel height. Line up your line in a straight line with the snag. Pull your line tight like a crossbow and release it toward the snag. The momentum will force the jig back and out of the snag. This is a pro tip and works the majority of time on the rocks around the jetties.

Unsnagging Lures Tip #2: Rod Tip Push

Unsnagging Lures Tip #2: Rod Tip Push

The Rod Tip Push For Closure Hangups

Another method for unsnagging your lures or jigs is by the famous rod tip push. This is by far one of the easiest methods for freeing up your line. In theory, you are simply pushing it loose with your rod tip. This was one of the first methods my father taught me when I started fishing. It has come in handy and worked time and time again for me. One problem with this technique while fishing the jetties is you will have to get close enough to use it. Motoring in on it or using a trolling motor is ideal. Be very careful getting to close to the rocks. No $3 dollar jig is worth getting the side of your boat hit on the rocks or catching your prop on a rock. So if you are able to get close enough here is how it works. Reel in all your line so the tip of the rod is in the water being guided toward your lure or jig. Once you have reached the end and feel the jig simply push away from the snag. Be careful to not break your rod tip on the rocks. 99.9% of the time it will free up immediately. If it does not free up right away carefully move it side to side while pushing forward away from the snag. 

Unsnagging Lures Tip #3: Plug Knocker Rig

Unsnagging Lures Tip #3: Plug Knocker Rig

When freshwater fishing a common method is using your rod tip as a knocker method to free your lure from trees and structure. In my opinion, this is a very dangerous method for damaging a rod or losing a rod tip. This does not translate well into the saltwater realm. For one many fishing poles do not break down to allow for this. Even if they did you would not want to risk your pole for a few dollar jig or lure. Using a plug knocker can be an effective way for unsnagging lures. This method involves using a heavyweight or item to knock it loose. One of the things that I love using is old spark plugs. How to make it easy. Place a snap swivel over the spark plug gap and hammer it down into place. Once you are snagged, simply snap the spark plug on your line and send it down to free up your lure or jig. Before you send it down make sure you tie a string onto it to retrieve if you have to break the line or have to send it down a few times to knock it off.

These 3 unsnagging tips or some of the best things to remember as an angler. They will help save you time and money and keep you fishing. If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear them and answer them. Feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at Send us your inshore fishing pictures to be featured on all of our social media pages. Maybe you have an unsnagging tip that we have not mentioned we would love to hear it and share with our readers. Enjoy our top 3 unsnagging tips for freeing up your lures and fish the jetties like a pro.

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