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Women's Turtley Mang Performance Shirt | MANG

$ 38.99

Turtle Mang | The Ultimate Women's Sea Turtle Performance Shirt 

MANG has outdone themselves this time with their new turtle mang design. Everyone loves the Florida sea turtle. The sea turtle is found all around Florida and uses its beaches for laying its eggs. This unique shirt features a great looking sea turtle swimming through the water. The colors of the flamingo are a bright pink that works well with the blue water it is stepping in. The turtle mang is perfect for any woman angler. This shirt was designed for women to fit them and show off their curves all while protecting them from the suns harmful UV rays. This is the perfect women's performance shirt that can be worn on an all-day fishing trip. Show off your turtle mang performance shirt on your next fishing adventure.

Turtley Mang Women's Sea Turtle Design:

This one of a kind performance shirt is perfect for all women. This shirt is designed to fit women perfectly. MANG realized that a lot of women's performance shirts do not fit women correctly. It was their mission to change this. This shirt comes in all the standard sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. This shirt is made from 100% polyester ensuring it is very soft and comfortable. On the front features the MANG logo in the black. The back logo is their unique turtle design. This shirt is moisture wicking guaranteeing to keep you cool and dry and moisture wicking to keep you from smelling.

Women's Turtley Mang Performance Shirt Specs:

  • 100% Polyester Made From The Best Materials
  • Unique Interlock with PosiCharge technology
  • Ultimate Lightweight Women's Performance Shirt
  • Breathable To Keep You Cool On The Boat
  • Moisture Wicking And Anti-microbial Properties

This shirt was designed for women anglers. If you are a fan of sea turtles, then this is the women's performance shirt for you. It is guaranteed to keep you protected and turn heads. Get your turtle mang the ultimate women's sea turtle performance shirt today! 



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