White Rock Decoys Pool 7 Floating Mallard Decoys, 6 Pack

by White Rock Decoys
$ 79.99

At first touch, you’ll notice these aren’t your daddy’s hard plastic decoys. We’ve raised the bar on durability by employing advanced molding technologies and demanding the highest grade of flexible EVA material ever used to create a floater decoy. This P7 Technology will “feel” different compared to what you’re used to, and that’s because it is! Say goodbye to cracked decoys and broken keels as it’s this flexible material of the future that gives the grind ‘em on the concrete paint adhesion and bomb proof durability.

Larger than other “pro” or “oversized” decoys, but not as obnoxiously huge as a super mag, these premium weighted keel decoys are the first proportionally sculpted magnum mallard blocks! This money shot sizing combined with the high visibility design make Pool 7 Magnum Mallards the perfect turn on a dime eye-catching puddler decoys.

Featuring an 18-step hand painted process and fine line sculpture details to truly bring world-class realism to the marsh.

  • World Class Realism
  • BOMB Proof Flexible EVA Material
  • Perfectly Over-sized
  • Hi-visibility Eye Catching Design
  • Iron Clad Paint Adhesion
  • (2 Upright Drakes, 2 Feeder Drakes, 2 Upright Hens)


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