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The West Coast Flying Fish | Caza Offshore

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The West Coast Flying Fish Is The Perfect Offshore Lure For Tuna Fishing

The west coast flying fish is a softly molded lure for offshore trolling. This lure is the perfect soft molded tuna lure that will light up the water when rigged on a kite or slow trolled behind the boat. There are pre-cut holes in the back to pierce your hook through it. This allows for easy rigging, but we suggest adding a stinger treble hook. If you need to get the west coast flying fish deeper, there is a cavity in the head for adding weights to your leader.

West Coast Flying Fish Specs:

  • Flying Fish Color: Blue Sparkle
  • Flying Fish Length: 8.25"
  • Flying Fish Width: 8"

The perfect offshore flying fish that will light up your spread while tuna fishing. Shop Hunting and Fishing Depot and get your west coast flying fish today!



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