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The JAG Pelagic Fish Attractor

$ 23.99

The Jag Pelagic Fish Attractor can have a 3.5 oz or 8 oz powder coated bullet head with huge painted eyes.  The skirt is made of pearl fibers to give the ultimate swimming motion.  These are great for attracting fish offshore.

Catch Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin, and Sails.  Run them deep for a vertical spread or high speed for large wahoo.  They are sold rigged or unrigged and available in multiple colors.



  • 9 inches long

  • 3.5 or 8 oz powder coated head

  • 20 color combinations



 Get your The JAG 3.5 oz. or 8 oz. Pelagic Fish Attractor by Blue Water Candy Lures from HFD today!




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