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Tarpon on the Fly With Jesus "The Ultimate Fisherman" Pocket T-shirt

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Jesus "The Ultimate Fisherman" Catching Tarpon On The Fly

One thing that almost all anglers love and try to do at one point in their life catches a tarpon by using a fly. This is extremely difficult to do. The sheer power that these fish make it one of the hardest fish to land using conventional tackle much less a fly reel. Often time anglers flock to south Florida and the Florida Keys to try their luck with one of the natures natural monsters. At Hunting and Fishing Depot we know that men are passionate about the fish they catch. We also know that they can be passionate about religious issues as well. Halocline Fishing has captured both of these in one awesome t-shirt.

This is a one of a kind Jesus pocket tee. It captures "The Ultimate Fisherman" in action catching a big silver king. Here at Halocline, we know there are two big things in a guys life, fishing, and religion. Why not capture them both in one awesome picture.

These shirts are printed on some of the best cotton t-shirts on the market. They are perfect to wear during your everyday activities or out on the boat slaying the fish! Your friends will wonder where you got this shirt from. They come in two amazing colors. A pink watermelon and a chalky mint that will go with anything and perfect for all occasions. If bowing to the silver king is what you live for. If your blood starts pumping at the sight of feeding tarpon. Support this addiction with this t-shirt and show the world that you know who the ultimate fisherman truly is. That is Jesus. I mean come on, we all know Jesus could outfish us any day.

If You Love Jesus and Catching Tarpon On The Fly Then This Is A Shirt You Must Own!



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