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Tarpon Fishing Silver King Performance Shirt from Halocline

$ 15.00

Tarpon Fishing Silver King Performance Shirt from Halocline is Perfect For All Anglers.

One type of fish that many anglers chase and dream of catching is the tarpon. These fish get extremely big and hard to catch. You must have the right gear and equipment to help land these fish. Often times when you hook one they will jump. This is referred to as bowing to the king. Often times because of this tarpon are often referred to as the silver king. Anglers from all over enjoy catching them on live bait, artificial and especially on fly rods. Because of how majestical these fish are the first performance shirt that halocline came out with was the Tarpon Fishing Silver King Performance Shirt.

Halocline knew that their long sleeve Tarpon performance shirt was a one of a kind fishing shirt. Made from the best material on the market. Our shirts have been tested to withstand whatever mother nature brings your way. This shirt will provide you with 50+ SPF sun protection as well as moisture wicking technology. This shirt is guaranteed to keep you cool and dry. It is specially designed to be lightweight and built strong to resist snags or pulls.

These beautiful shirts come in two different colors, white and seafoam green. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large. If you have ever caught a tarpon or want to catch a silver king then this is the shirt for you. It will provide you with the necessary protection needed to weather the elements while fishing for them. Not only are these shirts perfect for all day fishing, but they are perfect to wear out and about around town. Make people jealous while rocking a sweet tarpon performance shirt.

Tarpon Fishing Silver King Performance Shirt from Halocline Is A Must Own For Ever Angler Who Loves Tarpon Fishing.


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