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Fire Tailz Marlin Rubber Squid Fishing Dredge

$ 599.99
The Marlin Rubber Squid Fishing Dredge combines two of the most innovative products in dredge fishing for pelagic fish. The rubber mauler squid has proven its effectiveness at raising marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo and tuna worldwide since its inception in 2009. The new Fire Tailz fish has combined the effective qualities of the Mudflap fish and the rubber Shad fish. The durability and profile combined with the action of the hinged tail make for excellent teaser action. The Squidnation dredge heads that we call Skullz add size, color and flash to the Fire Tailz fish with increasing the drag of a larger teaser. Combine these two artificial fishing teasers and you have the ultimate artificial offshore trolling dredge for pelagic sport fish. This is our stock configuration, but of course you can call us and we can make any custom design you want, with anyone our rubber mauler squids.


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