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Big Heavy Offshore Trolling Lure by Squidnation

$ 19.99
Great Tuna and Wahoo bait.  Pelagic Offshore Trolling Lure. 3 1/2 ounce powder-coated bullet shaped head with durable hair and mylar bling. The Big Heavy is one of the most popular lures/bait combos for Giant Bluefin during the North Carolina winter fishery for Giants. The Japanese should put this lure on their national flag because it has been responsible for sending so many Bluefins to the great Tokyo Fish Auction. The Big Heavy is not just for winter time bluefins though. This a great wahoo Lure as well as killer on the yellowfins and Big Eyes. Best trolled Way Back combined with a large Ballyhoo or on a planer or downrigger for wahoos. Also a classic long rigger bait. Get the Big Heavy today! It will put meat in the box!


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