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Skittles Pompano Crusher

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The Skittles Pompano Jigs Are Pompano Fish Delight

The Skittles pompano crusher are a favorite of many surf fisherman. When jigged across the bottom, the pompano see this vibrant Pink and yellow and associate it with a shrimp kicking up off the sandy bottom. This is one jig every angler should be fishing when targeting Florida pompano in the surf.

This one of a kind pompano jig comes in 5 different head styles. These styles include the butterbean head, spear head, sparkie head, walleye head, and egg head. Each skittle pompano crusher comes with a pink head, red threads and a yellow nylon skirt. These pompano jigs are made to crush pompano. 

  • Size: 1/2 oz
  • Hook: 2/0 2X Strong Ultra Point 90°

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