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2.5" Red Mini Pear Bomb Float

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The 2.5" Red Mini Pear Bomb Float Is A Must Have Inshore Popping Cork

The 2.5" red mini pear bomb float is the next generation popping corks that anglers prefer when inshore fishing. These bobbers are some of the loudest on the market which is perfect for attracting nearby fish. The pear shape of these float allows for them to be cast great distances and helps them cut through the water. The amount of commotion they make in the water is dramatically less than traditional cupped corks. They possess the necessary beads to help produce the loudest sound of popping corks on the market. 

The red mini pear bomb float is made in the USA making it the best American made popping cork on the market. Each cork is handcrafted in Louisiana from the best materials on the market. They feature a heavy-duty wire the will bend and flex but never break. They are made to withstand the tough saltwater conditions and tackle the challenges it throws at you. These floats are perfect for any inshore fishing and will be a go-to redfish rig. Start fishing with the loudest cork on the market and get your  2.5" red mini pear bomb today.

2.5" Red Mini Pear Bomb float Specs: 

  • Float Type: Mini Pear Bomb
  • Color: red
  • Wire: 250lb stainless steel specially coated cable
  • Species: Redfish, Trout, and Flounder

Get your 2.5" red mini pear bomb popping cork today and catch more fish inshore. 



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