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Old Lefty 4 Reed Left Cut Mouth Call | Legacy Calls

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$ 10.99

The Old Lefty 4 reed left handed cut mouth call is a great yelp and cutting call.

The Old Lefty call is made up of 4 reeds with a thicker red latex on the top.  A split V design with the right side cut away makes a fantastic overall call for the intermediate and experienced caller. The thicker red latex makes the whistles and high pitch tones a different cadence than some of the other calls.  David Elkins signature call, this 4 reed can produce and sound that a hen turkey makes.  A new call from Legacy Calls this will soon become a top seller.

Old Lefty Mouth Call Specs

  • 4- Reed
  • Thicker Latex top reed
  • Great all around call
  • Loud Call
  • Easy to use
  • Left Handed
  • Split v with right side cut away

Add the new Old Lefty 4 reed to your call arsenal and you'll be surprised at what struts in.



Sold Out