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Old Georgia Flag Triple Tail T-shirt From Halocline

$ 10.00

The Old Georgia Flag Triple Tail T-shirt Perfect For All Offshore Anglers.

One fish that most anglers will always take the opportunity trying to catch is the triple tail. This weird looking fish has three very distinct fins that allow it to stay under a weed line, floating debris or a channel marker out offshore. These gentle fish are truly some of the best-eating fish in the ocean. If you spot a dark blog close to the surface under a weed line normally its a triple tail feeding on small crabs, shrimp or seahorses.

Halocline Fishing saw the beauty in this fish and decided to pair it with the old Georgia state flag that is loved by almost all Georgia residents. Our unique design and take on the "Old Georgia" flag (Distressed) with a Triple Tail captures its beauty in this T-shirt. It is guaranteed to turn heads. These shirts are printed on some of the best cotton t-shirts on the market. 

They are perfect to wear during your everyday activities or out on the boat slaying the fish! Even if you do not fish but love to eat triple tail then this is a shirt for you. Show your Georgia pride as an angler. We spent a number of years searching for the best type of shirt that we could offer to the consumer. These shirts are some of the most comfortable on the market. This shirt comes in a popcorn butter color with the triple tail on the back and a halocline logo on the front left chest.

So next time that you are offshore fishing for triple tail make sure you have on the 100% cotton t-shirt from Halocline Fishing. Impress your friends and be the talk of the boat.

Show your Old Georgia Flag support with this triple tail t-shirt from Halocline Fishing.

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