Moultrie Mobile™ Wireless Field Modem MV1

by Moultrie
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$ 199.99
Now you can view, send and manage images captured in the field anytime, anywhere from your PC, tablet or mobile device. Connect the Moultrie Mobile Field Modem MV1 to almost any Moultrie camera manufactured since 2015, as well as new Wingscapes and TRACE cameras, and enjoy remote access to your trail cameras around the clock. With the free Moultrie Mobile App for Apple iOS or Android, you’ll be able to monitor the status of your modem and game cameras, set your upload frequency and even change camera settings* from your computer or mobile device. And you’ll receive an email or text alert anytime new images are captured.
  • Simple to set up—make almost any 2015 or later Moultrie camera wireless-ready in an instant
  • View, send and manage game camera images captured in the field from your PC, tablet or mobile device anytime using Moultrie’s free mobile app for Apple iOS and Android
  • Receive email or text alerts when new images are captured and download high-resolution images of your best shots at no additional charge
  • Moultrie Mobile runs on a wireless 3G data network, with flexible, affordable prepaid data plans available, no contract required
  • Enjoy industry-leading coast-to-coast coverage that consistently outperforms other providers in the out-of-the-way spots where hunters want to hunt
  • *Note: A-Series cameras have limited functionality with the Moultrie Mobile system. Settings controlled by input switches (Detection Delay, Resolution, Photo or Video) cannot be set remotely.
Compatible Cameras:
  • A-5 Gen2
  • A-7i
  • M-550 Gen2
  • M-880 Gen2
  • M-880i Gen2 
  • M-990i Gen2 
  • A-20
  • A-20i
  • M-888
  • M-888i
  • M-999i
  • Panoramic 180i 
  • Whiteflash
  • Birdcam Pro
  • Wildlife Cam
  • Timelapse Cam
  • Timelapse Cam Pro
  • Premise Pro


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