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Montana Decoys Miss Purr-fect 3D Turkey Hen Decoy

$ 34.99
If turkey hunters had to only carry one hen decoy, Miss Purr-fect 3D is the one. It features Perfect Pose Technology so you can match the pose of the decoy to the situation. Choosing one of two leg pole slots will change the position of the hen decoy to a feeding pose or alert pose.

The head position of the turkey decoy can also be fine tuned as its wire construction allows hunters to change the pose.

The different poses of this decoy will get a gobbler’s attention, but the realism will bring him in. The body features feather cuts for genuine movement in the field. They will flutter in a breeze and provides a life-like soft edge to the profile.

Montana Decoy is already known for making the most mobile turkey decoys on the market. Now, you can add most realistic and most versatile to the list.

Turkey Decoy Features:

  • Compresses to a compact size of 9” x 13” and pops up to full size in seconds.
  • The most realistic full-bodied hen decoy that will fit in your vest.
  • Use as a breeding, feeding or looking hen decoy thanks to Perfect Pose Technology.
  • Feather cut fabric provides subtle and realistic movement.


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