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Marker 54 Shrimp: Inshore Soft Plastic Shrimp Jig

$ 5.99

Marker 54 Shrimp: Almost As Good As The Real Thing!

The Marker 54 Shrimp is a pre-rigged soft plastic shrimp jig that moved in a forward motion. When fished correctly it will look as if the shrimp is moving slowly across the bottom. These lures are pre-rigged and weighted. Marker 54 shrimp have a flexible tail that adds to the motion of a natural shrimp in the water. The beauty of these lures is that for every 6 inches of fall, the lure itself will move forward an inch. It will always land on its feet forever mimicking what a live shrimp would be like in the water. The lure has to look natural to attract the inshore species of fish to it. These shrimp weight almost 1/4 of an ounce. They sink slower and could be compared to almost a 1/8th ounce due to how the marker 54 shrimp is designed. The marker 54 shrimp are a soft plastic shrimp available in all the necessary colors needed to land inshore fish. Each marker 54 shrimp comes with UV glow makeup, meaning that all the shrimp will glow in the water.

Careful planning has gone into what colors actually work. They have been tested time and time again. The colors these shrimp are offered in are: pink, white, orange, green, natural brown, brown with a chartreuse tail, and white with a chartreuse tail.

Whether you are fishing the oyster shoals or around the grass these shrimp will attract the fish. The marker 54 shrimp is the perfect shrimp jig for redfish, speckled sea trout, flounder, black drum, sheepshead, or any other inshore species that love feeding on shrimp.

  • Pre-rigged and weighted
  • Almost 1/4oz.
  • UV Glow
  • 2 per Pack
  • Natural colors for inshore species

Stock up on your Marker 54 Shrimp the inshore plastic shrimp jig Today!



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