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Marker 54 Shrimp Combination: Jerk shrimp and Marker 54 shrimp

$ 5.99

Maker 54 shrimp and marker 54 jerk shrimp combination.

With the best inshore shrimp jigs coming from marker 54 lures. We have put together a few packages to get you better what you need for your fishing needs.

In these packages, they have the marker 54 jerk shrimp and the marker 54 shrimp. The jerk shrimp is known for its backward movement that mimics a fleeing shrimp. The Marker 54 shrimp is a forward-moving shrimp that imitates a shrimp walking on the bottom. The beauty of these is for every 6 inches of fall the lure glides forward one inch and lands on its feet just like a live shrimp.

We sell our standard three pack specials of individual colors of each, but we wanted to offer a few combination packages found only at hunting and fishing depot.

We offer in all six colors a combination package that includes both a marker 54 shrimp and marker 54 jerk shrimp. These come in Packs of 2.

This allows for every angler to stock up on different variations of the same jig. Maybe you have a favorite color that you like to throw. Well, have both a forward moving and backward moving shrimp for different environments. Get the best inshore colors available in any inshore jigs. These soft plastic shrimp are made to last and can withstand hit after hit. You will notice an increase in your hook up ratio and hits overall when fishing with a marker 54 jerk shrimp. Once you have tried one, you will need all different colors for times of the year, water clarity and water temperature. These are very affordable because we do not want to break the bank of any angler.

Our two pack of the marker 54 shrimp and marker 54 jerk shrimp for $3.99 are the cheapest on the internet.

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