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Marker 54 Jerk Shrimp: Natural Backward Fleeing Shrimp

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Marker 54 Jerk Shrimp: Only Backward Fleeing Shrimp On The Market

Maker 54 lures have come out with one of their best lures to day. The Marker 54 jerk shrimp is the ultimate inshore fishing shrimp jig. This shrimp jig is the perfect inshore jig for targeting flounder, redfish, speckled sea trout, sheepshead, and any other inshore species that feed on shrimp. This patent-pending jerk shrimp is so natural in the water because of its backward motion in the water. When an angler pops it, the shrimp will flee backward vertically perfectly mimicking a fleeing shrimp. This is the same motion that shrimp in the wild will exhibit when fleeing prey. These jerk shrimp jigs come in a weight of 1/4 oz perfect for throwing around the inshore grass flats or oyster beds. Marker 54 has invested the time figuring exactly what colors are perfect for inshore fishing. These shrimp can be found in the following colors: pink, white, green, orange, natural brown, and white with a chartreuse tail. These marker 54 jerk shrimp is perfect for anglers of all experiences and should be a guaranteed way to attract more fish. Marker 54 has perfect the ultimate jig for not only looks natural but the natural movement in the water. Part of the reason they work so great is that they weighted appropriately. They are around 1/4oz making their movement natural.

Shrimp Jig Specs:

  • 3 per pack
  • 1/4oz
  • Natural colors
  • UV Glow

Don't just take our word for these awesome marker 54 jerk jigs. Get some for yourself and watch how many more fish you will catch. These jigs will change the way you do inshore fishing. This is something that everyone needs in their tackle box. The redfish love them, the trout hate them and the flounder will destroy them.

Stock up on our marker 54 jerk shrimp and own the best backward fleeing shrimp.

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