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Marker 54 Hard Plastic Live Shrimp

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Marker 54 Hard Plastic Live Shrimp The Most Realistic Shrimp On The Market.

In life we all know that size matters, its because of this the Marker 54 Lures have done their research into finding out exactly the right size that needed for their new hard plastic shrimp lure. The first M54 Hard Plastic Flex Tail 3 and 4-inch shrimp the perfect inshore fishing lure. These lures will provide you with the right size lure for the marshes of the south. These shrimp are perfect for throwing around docks for trout and flounder. It is because of this the Marker 54 hard plastic live shrimp lure is taking the industry by storm. This excellent lure is available in two different sizes a 3" and 4". These shrimp come with a state of the art flex tail that gives it the movement needed to look like its moving in the water. These shrimp have two points at which they are rigged. On the top of the head and the back of the shell. This double rigging allows for forwarding and backward movement of the live shrimp.


Each shrimp comes with a rattle in them to attract more fish to it. All lures weigh right around 1/4oz but they sink like they weigh 1/8oz. The marker 54 hard plastic live shrimp are candy for many inshore species like redfish, speckled sea trout, flounder, sheepshead and any other inshore species. No matter how they are retrieved, whenever they are popped, they land on their feet every time. The nose of the shrimp tracks perfectly in the water. This lure is the holy grail of inshore fishing lures. This lure mimics precisely what live shrimp do. Fish confidently with artificial and make sure you have a marker 54 hard plastic live shrimp in your tackle box.

Make sure you have the marker 54 hard plastic live shrimp, aka inshore candy lure, in your tackle box today!



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