Lobster Gloves From D Vein

by D Vein Company
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Perfect lobster Gloves For Lobstering From D Vein

Every angler and diver knows that when you go lobstering the essential piece of equipment from the measurement guide and net is the gloves you choose to wear. Often the Florida lobster will be under rocks, in honeycomb bottom or in some structure that is usually covered in barnacles. It's these areas where the lobster can be hiding that can tear your hands up, not to mention that the Florida lobster is covered in little spines and has antennas with sharp spines on them. It is all this that can take a toll on your hands and why the gloves you chose to wear should be strong enough to protect your hands. 

D Vein Company knows how critical gloves are and decided to come out with one of the toughest pairs on the market. The lobster gloves are made from cut resistant kevlar meaning you can take a knife to them and they will protect your hand. These gloves work perfect while in the water and when you are on the boat or cleaning your catch. No matter what elements are thrown at them they will protect your hands. Wear them while filleting the fish you caught or while cleaning the cooler of lobster you bagged. No matter what you do, these gloves will come in handy and make any lobstering trip that much easier.

Lobster Gloves Specs:

  • Made from cut resistant Kevlar.
  • Palm features a non-slip grip for catching lobster and fish.
  • Topside of the gloves is coated in a rubber armor and designed for protection from sharp objects.
  • Glove Sizes: S, M, L, and XL

These gloves are available in four different sizes to fit your hand perfectly. They feature a rubber pad on the top for extra protection that features the D Vein logo. D Vein Company has once again come out with a great lobstering product that makes it easier for all anglers and divers.



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