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Legend 70 Andromeda: Ultimate Billfish Offshore Trolling Lure & Marlin Lure

$ 79.95

The 70 Andromeda Offshore Trolling Lure From Legend Lures Perfect For Your Next Offshore Fishing Trip.

Legend Lures has perfected their offshore trolling lures with the Legend 70 Andromeda. This is by far one of the best selling lures that Legend makes. This lure has a lot of tournament wins to its names like the thousand pound fish and a July 4th Blue Marlin World Cup win. If you are marlin fishing or fishing a tournament for marlin then this is a lure you must be using. The Legend 70 Andromeda is a lure that is easy to run, even in rough water. Its rough water performance and hi-speed capability put it in a league of its own. The Legend 70 Andromeda gives off a huge POP and then submerges in a long, deep cycle with an awesome bubble-trail. Its performance in the water makes it one of the best. It has an amazing hookup/catch ratio meaning that when fish attack, you are in for the fight of your life. 

The Legend 70 Andromeda Offshore Trolling Lure Is The Perfect Lure For All Your Marlin Tournaments

If you are pulling the Andromeda 70 offshore trolling lure, team it up with one of your best teasers and create one wicked combination. When in the water it creates subtle shallow cuts that bring its dive cycle to life. If you ask many of the captains using the Legend 70 Andromeda offshore trolling lure they will tell you that they run it as a long corner lure. Some have tested and shown stability as an effective short corner lure. This makes it an outstanding short rigger lure when our in big fish territory. So no matter if you are targeting marlin or other large billfish, the legend 70 Andromeda is the lure that you need to be trolling.

Legend 70 Andromeda Specs:

Colors Available: black/silver, black/purple, blue/rainbow, petrolero, passion fruit, glow green, black/green, black/red, yellowfin, blue bob, squid, and blue/silver

Rigging Options: 

 Available in: 

1) Single Hook 11/0 Stiff Rig with 9' of 500lb mono

2) Double Hook 11/0 Stiff Rig with 9' of 500lb mono

Production Time: All of our lures are handmade to order. Please allow 3-4 business days for production plus ship time. If you need a rush order, please give us a call at (919) 939-7513 or email us at



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