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Kingfish Snap Back | Reel Addicts

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The Kingfish Snap Back From Reel Addicts Is Perfect For Offshore Fishing

The kingfish snap back is the ultimate saltwater fishing hat from reel addicts that captures the beauty of the kingfish. It captures kings in all its glory. Are you an offshore fishing angler who loves to target kingfish? Do you love fishing kingfish tournaments? This is the trucker hat you must own. The kingfish is a species of fish that is often found in the offshore waters of the tropics. Anglers from all over will try their luck at catching a monster king. Why not show your love for catching them with the kingfish snap back from reel addicts.

The Richardson 112 trucker hat is made for comfort, durability, and appeal. This one of a kind trucker comes in a variety of colors. The kingfish snap back is a charcoal and white that makes the colors of the king pop off the hat. The kingfish patch is embroidered in the USA and features the Reel Addicts logo and a stud king.

Kingfish Snap Back Specs:

  • Richardson 112 Trucker Hat
  • Embroidered Patch
  • Species: Kingfish

The perfect offshore kingfish snap back trucker hat from reel addicts. This is one that every angler should own. Get your kingfish snap back from reel addicts today!



Sold Out