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The Hornet Offshore Lure From Caza Offshore Is Made To Catch Fish

The hornet offshore lure from caza offshore is the perfect small size offshore lure. Its small size makes it one of the best versatile lures on the market. The hornet offshore lure will bring to life your spread as it pops around. The hornet will make a smoke trail that will attract all fish around. This little lure is guaranteed to deliver big results while offshore fishing. The hornet offshore lure is made with a unique resin that creates a natural feel when rigged with a ballyhoo. This is a offshore lure that all anglers should be using.

Hornet Offshore Lure Specs:

  • Hornet Skirt Length: 4.5”

The hornet offshore lure is the perfect lure for select pelagic species. Anglers tend to target mahi mahi, sailfish, tuna, and wahoo. This little lure packs a punch and will just help increase your hookups. Shop the hornet offshore lure from caza offshore today and be stocked for your next offshore fishing trip.



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