Higdon Splashing Flasher 2, Mallard Drake 12V

by Higdon Outdoors
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$ 189.99
It splashes and it flashes...just like a real mallard drake stretching its wings. 1.5 sec on...4 sec off...1.5 sec on...10 sec off timer sequence simulates a real bird stretching his wings on the water. Completely adjustable...simply unplug the cord from the bilge to turn the water off or flip the toggle switch to turn off the wings.

Water control flaps adjust the direction of the spray of water. A removable weight on the wing connector allows the white side of the wing to face down when off. The wings only go on one way so they will not twist within the wing shaft socket. Battery box, battery and timer act as the bottom weight. Simply drop this unit in the water and hunt.

New and improved with a heavy duty motor and wing connection hub, bigger wings for a more realistic flap and an optional anti-flipping system to keep from blowing over in high winds. Foam-Filled decoy base makes the decoy virtually unsinkable.

Battery charges in 6-8 hours. Battery runtime is 10-12 hours.


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