Higdon Decoys Pulsator 2 And Power Pack - Single With Charger

by Higdon Outdoors
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$ 139.99
This Higdon Pulsator II Duck Decoy with Power Pack is absolutely awesome! The perfect decoy for adding just the right amount of ripple on the water! The Pulsator 2 has a new heavy-duty bilge pump, a new and improved charger that charges faster (7-8 hours) and charges cooler for a longer battery life.

An included flexible pipe insert controls how much and how high your water sprays. Simply turn on the unit and drop it in the water. The cord and waterproof battery compartment acts as a cord and weight so there is no need to attach a separate weight. Unit has a built in timer that surges a spray of water every half-second four times then pauses for four seconds which perfectly simulates feeding ducks. Add multiple units to your spread and watch your decoys come to life.

After the days hunt, simply open up the waterproof battery box and re-charge the battery with the supplied charger.


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