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HAVASU Series | Polarized Fishing Sunglasses from Nines Optics

by 9Nines
$ 79.00

Havasu Series From Nines Optics: Perfect Polarized Fishing Sunglasses!

Nines optics has come out with the perfect pair of polarized fishing sunglasses. Their Havasu Series is the perfect sunglasses for all anglers no matter if you freshwater or saltwater fish. They are lightweight and seem to fit good to most anglers face. They come equipped with nines optics patented lens technology. It is because of this that Nines Optics Sunglasses has come out with the perfect fishing glasses. These state of the art lenses and frames are sure to change the game. They come equipped with NIRTECH® POLARIZED + NIR LENSES. The NIRTECH lenses make them perfect for protecting your eyes while out on the water. These frames are made from all anti-corrosive material making them perfect for saltwater fishing. The frames are tough TR-90 Nylon. All lenses come in multiple colors with a hydrophobic layer and an ANTI-REFLECTIVE & ANTI-GLARE COATING. Nines Optics offers their lenses in multiple different colors. Find the color that best suits your needs.

Nines Havasu Lens Technology

Nines Havasu Lens Components

Ask any angler what the essential piece of gear is and most will say sunglasses. This is because while out on the water your eyes get battered from infrared light that can be damaging to them. Nines optics understood this and decided to put an end to this fear. Not only did they want the perfect lenses but they wanted the perfect lenses and frames at the best price on the market. Stop buying $300 dollar sunglasses from Costa or Maui Jim because these are half the price and just as good quality.

Fishing Sunglasses Lens Specs:

  • NIRTECH Polarized Lenses
  • Hydrophobic Lenses
  • Made with anti-corrosive materials
  • TR-90 Nylon frames for the Havasu series
  • Lenses are anti-reflective and coated to be anti-glare

What Comes In the Box:

  • Nines Optics Havasu Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
  • Hard Case to hold glasses
  • Floating Retainer
  • Micro-Fiber Cloth for cleaning

Shop Nines Optics and get your Havasu series of polarized fishing sunglasses today!



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