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GoFish Cam: The Ultimate Fishing Camera

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An Underwater Fishing Camera Called The GoFish Cam Perfect For All Anglers

GoFish Cam is a fishing camera that attaches to the fishing line and captures the footage or the strike and fight. The camera works with the free app that GoFish Cam provides. It is an easy fishing camera to use, and anglers can efficiently and effectively review, edit and share underwater footage from all fishing hookups. The GoFish Cam is made for all styles of fishing. No matter if you love fishing freshwater or saltwater, this is the camera for you. This fishing camera is perfect for casting, trolling, bottom fishing or float fishing.

Styles Of Fishing With GoFish Cam

  • Cast & Retrieve fishing with GoFish Cam
The GoFish Cam fishing camera is perfect for casting. The camera is small in size ar 11.5 cm in length and weighs only 94 grams. This is the ideal camera for capturing your bass strikes in a lake to capturing a wahoo attack while offshore fishing.
  • Trolling Fishing
The GoFish Cam can withstand the stress of high speed trolling for offshore pelagic species of fish. The fishing camera features stabilization fins and is pre-weighted so you can safely troll at slow or fast speeds. The GoFish Cam fishing camera features a 1000lb tension rating that will allow it to be excellent for catching some of the most significant fish.
  • Bottom Fishing

The GoFish Cam is perfect for fishing the bottom. Weight your line down and capture the fish at the bottom attacking your line. No matter if you are fishing for snapper or flounder. The footage you will obtain will be some of the best out there.

  • Float Fishing

The GoFish Cam will turn into a bobber with the fishing camera float accessory. You can stream the footage live to your cell phone via the fantastic app that GoFish Cam made.

What Are The Features and Benefits Of The GoFish Cam Fishing Camera?

  • GoFish Cam attaches to your pole from via your fishing line or leader line. 
  • Uniquely Designed for all types of fishing that includes trolling, bottom fishing, float fishing, and cast and retrieve fishing. 
  • Made to last, supports 1000 lbs with robust armor casing, night vision, and goes 150M underwater. 
  • Records in 1080p HD with 64GB Micro SD card storage, anti-wobble system, and up to 4-hour battery life. 
  • Gives anglers a first-hand experience of the fish you caught, the fight and how it attacked your bait.

GoFish Cam Fishing Camera Specs:

  • Weight - 94g
  • Dimensions - 11cm x 2.8cm x 2.8cm

    Green LEDs for deep water and night fishing


    Rugged military standard exterior.


    Hydrodynamic shape for steady recording.


    1080P @ 60FPS, 30FPS, and 720P @ 60FPS.

GoFish Cam Package specs:

  • Fishing Camera Weight - 0.47 kg
  • Fishing Camera Dimensions - 17cm x 12cm x 9cm

Get your GoFish Cam Today and Capture Some Of The Best Underwater Footage Around



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