Flare-Tipped Striker | Turkey Friction Calls | Tom Teasers

by Tom Teasers
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Tom Teaser Has Handcrafted the ultimate flared tipped striker perfect for any turkey friction calls.

Tom Teasers has come out with the ultimate striker perfect for any of your turkey friction calls. With this flare tipped striker, you will get consistency from our calls. These are handmade and designed to last. These diamond wood strikes fit perfectly in your hand and offer balance with your turkey friction calls. These flared tipped strikers from Tom Teasers are easy to use and will provide the ultimate consistency you on any surface on your friction calls.

Flared Tipped Striker Specs:

  • Easy-to-use, a diamond wood striker from Tom Teasers
  • Hand turned
  • Flared mushroom tip delivers great consistency over any call surface
  • Fits easily in the hand


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