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Flambeau Stormfront 2 Classic Pintail 6 Pack

$ 49.99
Waterfowl hunters nationwide can close their eyes and draw on the powerful memory of a waterfowl morning....dawn breaking, decoys set, piercing cold shotgun steel, hot coffee, frozen fingers, steamy dog's breath;.anticipation..and if the weather gods are with you..birds driven in on the edge of a Storm Front. Waterfowl hunting success can be razor thin and you need every advantage in the pursuit of this unforgiving passion.

Drawing on decades of experience as a market leader and innovator, Flambeau is proud to introduce Storm Front Decoys as its newest line of waterfowl decoys. Every ounce of Flambeau knowledge and experience was put to the test in pioneering these extraordinary creations. There is not a product on the market today that can guarantee a successful hunt although,Storm Front Decoys, boasting the laundry list of features and benefits below, sure can come close!

Waterfowl have plumage that reflects UV light.
ONLY Flambeau decoys with UV paint present waterfowl with UV reflection!
Attract more waterfowl with the only decoys that waterfowl eyes trust.
  • Carved by renowned master carvers
  • Complete new postures and positions
  • Patent pending UVision Paint Technology
  • Proprietary polymer blend yields tough "battleship" feel
  • Paint system yields unsurpassed adhesion/durability
  • Top notch in-season shipping and service
  • Proprietary keel design on floating decoys allows for multiple tie-off points and motion never before achieved
Technical Information:
  • Species: Pintail
  • Keel: Weighted
  • Size: Drakes: 20", Hens: 16"
  • Pack Quantities: 6
  • Head Position: 4 active drakes, 2 relaxed hens


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