Flambeau Master Series Floating Magnum Mallards

by Flambeau Outdoors
$ 44.99
The 5700MSU Mag Mallards are some of the most green head killing decoys we have ever developed. At almost 19" these decoys are very bright and provide that extra drawing power needed when you're hunting big water or against some tough competition.

Waterfowl see 3 primary colors plus a 4th color in the UV spectrum. Now, every Flambeau decoy features UVision paint—the first paint technology to add the UV color to the decoy. It's just one more way Flambeau creates ''Realism that gets results!''

Flambeau Magnum Mallard duck decoys are from the Masters Series for the ultimate in realism and detail. Relaxed head position looks accurate from multiple angles Keel design promotes a steady float in rough water Plenty of room on keel for anchor cord Ultra-realistic design Fine detailing on feathers.

Four drakes and Two hens

Dimensions (LxWxH): 19x8x7"


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