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Flambeau MAD® Walking Tom Turkey Decoy

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$ 39.99
The Walking Tom is a new position inspired by Mark Drury. We had renowned sculptor Rich Smoker sculpt an adult Tom turkey targeting an 18 lb. bird. The position is that of a bird walking.

Mark's thinking is that this position can be used to depict a mature non-intimidating Tom turkey. In a walking position facing away from the expected approaching target Tom it will seem the bird is taking refuge from the approaching dominant bird giving him the added confidence to charge right into your set.

The Walking Tom also is equipped with a beard grommet that allows the use of a real beard or the use of the supplied imitation beard to make the Walking Tom a Longbeard or a Jake simply slide the beard in to the desired length.

Based on scientific fact that turkeys see ultra violet rays in real feathers, we also offer wing grommets so the user can add real wings to further enhance the realism.


Sold Out