Stick N Lick Screw in Deer Pop Jr (1 1/4 lbs)

by Extreme Hunting Solutions
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$ 11.99

  A deer attractant and mineral lick that screws into a tree or fencepost. Comes with a weather shield that protects attractant and makes it last up to 6 months. Deer love it and will keep visiting until its gone.

  • 5lbs
  • Screw in attractant
  • Great for trail cam pics
  • Awesome for early scouting
  • Patented weather shield® lasts 4-6 months!
  • Guaranteed to last 2-3 times longer than other brands
  • Unique formula of apple, hard cooked molasses and whole corn keeps ‘em coming back for more
  • Patented weather shield® protects Stick-N-Lick from rain, sleet and snow.





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