Lobster Intestinal Remover Tool From D Vein

by D Vein Company
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Lobster Deveining Tool From D Vein, Changing The Lobster Cleaning Game

D Vein has come out with the ultimate product for the fishing industry that is perfect for helping angler and divers clean lobster tail more efficiently and more effective. The product is the lobster intestinal remover from D Vein Company. This lightweight and portable lobster cleaning tool are perfect for fitting in your tackle box or on the boat. It comes with a protective cover that protects the tip from poking anything. The lobster deveining tool comes in 6 different colors that are perfect for everyone's preference. 

It indeed makes your life easier for removing the lobster intestinal tract. No more using the lobster antenna for this or trying to cut it out with a know. This simple took inserts in, and twists and boom the intestinal tract is removed with ease. It is that simple. You can clean many lobster tail in minutes now. If you love going lobstering, then this is a product that you need and should be using.

What Are The Benefits Of The Lobster Intestinal Remover?

The lobster intestinal remover tool removes the intestinal tract from the lobster more efficiently and safely than any alternative method. Never worry about getting pieces of it anymore. This tool will remover the intestinal tract every time if done right. Never worry about improper intestinal removal that may cause the meat to spoil and or illness.

D Vein Lobster Tool Features:

• Contoured design is excellent for deveining all lobsters
• Made of durable FDA approved plastic
• Ergonomic, soft-grip handle
• Non-slip grip offers comfort and safety while in use
• Convenient, tamper-proof, plastic cap for child safety




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