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Crow Call | Turkey Locator Call | Tom Teasers

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Turkey Locator Calls From Tom Teasers Features A One Of A Kind Crow Call

This one of a kind crow call from tom teasers is the perfect turkey locator call that every turkey hunter needs. This all wood call is a custom call that is hand tuned to perfection. This hand-tuned call is guaranteed to get a reaction from any nearby toms. Tom Teasers put careful consideration into the craftsmanship of this call by making it flared and twisted with an open-end barrel. The reed of choice was a mylar reed that is adjustable to change the pitches and tones that come from this crow call. You will get gobbles from gobblers you did not know were around because of the realistic volume that comes from this locator call. As a turkey hunter, you need this call around your neck or in your turkey vest to give yourself a better chance at bagging that prized tom. Enjoy the beauty of its wood design that is guaranteed to have your turkey hunting friends where you bought your crow call.

Get your turkey locator calls from Hunting and Fishing Depot and enjoy the advantages this crow call from Tom Teasers will give you.



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