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Broadleaf Camo Shirt (Short Sleeve) | Bald Cypress Camo

$ 24.99

The ultimate Broadleaf Camo Shirt Short Sleeve In Three Unique Camo Patterns: Gum Bottom, Post Harvest, and Slough

Bald cypress camo has come out with a short sleeve t-shirt that all hunters need. This shirt comes in bald cypress camo's unique camo patterns that include slough. gum bottom and post-harvest. These short sleeve broadleaf shirts are perfect for a summertime hunt. These shirts are made to last and are some of the most comfortable on the market. They are made with some of the finest materials on the market. They are 100% polyester which gives it a soft yet durable feel. Not only are the broadleaf camo shirt great for a hunt, but wear it out on the town, to school or anywhere else you may wear a shirt.

 Ultimate Broadleaf Camo Shirt Short Sleeve Camo Patterns

Post Harvest:

Post harvest is a wonderful camo pattern perfect for all hunters who love to field hunt. Any hunter will tell you that when a field is cut they leave the remaining shuck cut to the ground. It is this pattern that is great to blend in with. Layout in a field and remain hidden amongst the freshly cut stalks. Perfect  goose hunting, duck hunting or any other animal you would field hunt.

Gum Bottom:

Gum bottom is a camo pattern from bald cypress camo that is perfect for all deer hunters and turkey hunters. This pattern allows for you to blend in well with your surrounding woods. If you often hunt wooded areas then this is the pattern for you.


The slough design from bald cypress camo was designed for hunters who hunt during the winter months. This camo pattern is perfect for deer hunters or waterfowl hunters who find themselves in a swamp or forest. The awesome thing about this pattern is you literally can blend in with any tree.

Bald Cypress Camo has invested many hours perfecting their three camo patterns. This is a shirt that every hunters needs. Make sure you get yours today for your next hunting trip. All your friends will be asking you where you got your t-shirt. Make sure you get your ultimate broadleaf camo shirt short sleeve in three unique camo patter: Gum Bottom, Post Harvest, and Slough today!






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