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Breakline "Ballyhoo" Polarized Glasses

$ 155.00

If you are in the market for the perfect polarized fishing sunglasses then Breakline Sunglasses has the best sunglasses for you!


These frames are the product if quality and and hardcore had a baby. These are some of the most comfortable frames on the market. They include a impact resistant wrap around style unique to these frames. They are extra light and as a fellow angler you hardly notice they are there.

Theses polarized fishing sunglasses come with:

  • Polarized Zeiss Lenses
  • Max Velocity Frames

Have bad eyes? Need presciption lenses?


We offer prescription lenses with a valid prescription. Breakline offers a lifetime warrenty on all of their prescription lenses and frames.

Check out Salt Strongs great review of the breakline polorized glasses.



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