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Blackfin Rods- Quick Stick Harpoon

$ 329.99

The Multi-Piece Blackfin Harpoon, made of solid anodized aluminum with a modified tip and quick 4 piece assembly makes it a lethal harpoon.  The most prized design feature is the harpoon’s modified tip that allows for both, bronze and stainless darts to be used without having to change any hardware.

The harpoon is 10’ in Rods.length and has 9.5 lbs of distributed weight which assures accuracy in throwing. An optional storage bag is available so it can travel on any boat to be ready when the reel starts screaming. Blackfin has already been proven to manufacture only the highest quality, American made products, and is now adding to its lineup the most lethal weapon on the market to drag in the top quality fish!

Great for harpooning tuna or any pelagics.



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