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Big Reidee Scallop Face Offshore Trolling Lure

$ 84.95

Big Reidee Scallop Face Offshore Trolling Lure Is A Hawaiian Lure That Is Uniquely Designed

The Big Reidee Scallop Face is available in a 9" Lure option. This offshore trolling lure is one of the most highly sought after Hawaiian lures made by one of the very best lure artists. Each lure created is unique and will never be the same. These are not massed produced and provide a sense of art that is made to catch fish. These Marlin lures are all handmade one by one. These lures are the perfect lure to have in your marlin lure, and big billfish collection and all unique and must have lures in any lure aficionado's collection. These lures are sold individually and never exactly repeated these little gems are worth every penny. Production is limited and infrequent so check back often if there is no stock.

Scallop Face Offshore Lure From Big Reidee Specs:

Size: 9"

Colors: black/gold, black/pink, blue/pink, blue/rainbow, and pink/pink

Offshore Trolling Lure Riggings: 

1) Single Hook 9/0 Stiff Rig with 9' of 300lb mono

2) Double Hook 9/0 Stiff Rig with 9' of 300lb mono

Because these trolling lures are handmade to perfection, they are made to last. They are crafted from some of the best materials on the market. Why not fish with the best and fish with lures that give you the best shot of hooking up on your next marlin. Bet prepared for your next offshore fishing trip with this one of a kind lure. These lures have been catching marlin for years in Hawaii so why not use them off the east coast for all your billfish.

Production Time: **Please Note** All of our lures are handmade to order. Please allow 3-4 business days for production plus ship time. If you need a rush order, please give us a call at (919) 939-7513 or email us at 



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