3/8oz Bass Jigs: Ultimate Kahle Hook Football Jigs

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The Ultimate Bass Jigs For Largemouth Bass Fishing

One of the best freshwater species of fish you can catch is the largemouth bass. Fishing for bass is always a fun type of lake fishing or pond fishing. Many anglers will fish for bass with artificial or live bait. We have the perfect bass jig to help all anglers hook up and catch more bass. The bass jig comes with a Kahle hook perfect for fishing your tournament soft plastics. These jigs have been around for years, we have brought a new look on them that is perfect for bass fishing.

We have come up with the ultimate lineup of colors for bass jigs that you will be able to pair with any color artificial or live bait. We have the color you are looking for. Stop paying premium money for lead Kahle hook jigs. We offer the best priced and quality jigs on the market. Bass won't be able to resist you, yet they will fear you. Increase your hits and hookups with our amazing bass jigs.


Bass Jigs Specs:

  • Weight: 3/8oz
  • Hook: Kahle Hook
  • Hook Size: 3/0
  • 25+ Colors: Blue, Gold, Bright Orange, Chartreuse, White, Candy Yellow, Bubble Gum Pink, Bright Green, Yellow, Red, Black, Dark Watermelon, Midnight Sparkle, Purple, Yellow Chartreuse, Smoke, Ruby Red, Root Beer Flake, June Bug Flake, Green Pumpkin, Pumpkin Brown, New Penny, Flame Red, Copperhead, Carolina Blue, Silver, Brown, and Sand
  • Bass Jig Material: Lead
  • 3 Jigs Per Pack
  • Made In The USA

Have you used our bass jigs yet? Pair one of our bass jigs with a tournament series soft plastics and you will have one deadly largemouth lure combination. Guaranteed to catch you more fish and increase your hook up ratio. Shop our huge selection of bass jigs today and be ready for your next bass fishing trip.