Avian-X Topflight Fusion 6 Pack Mallards

by Avian-X
$ 69.99
Zink Avian-X Fusion Series Topflight Mallards. You want to hunt over true custom-style painted mallard decoys – decoys to rival ANY production decoy ever created. Ultra-realistic paint schemes combine with the ultimate in paint adhesion and durability to create what many are saying is THE final word in floating mallard decoys!

The Avian-X Fusion Series Topflight Mallards combine a perfect combination of up-right and feeder heads that mimic the illusion of a resting flock of mallards on the water.

Each 6 Pack contains:

1 feeder drake
1 feeder hen
1 high-head drake
1 low-head drake
1 swimmer hen
1 high-head hen.
Decoys are slightly over-sized measuring 14.5 inches breast to tail. All Topflight Series decoys feature the innovative weight-forward swim keel design, simply snap line through swim clip which creates natural motion to the decoys whether in current or in the slightest breeze.

Sold in 6 packs.


Ultra realistic paint schemes
Ultimate paint adhesion and durability
Combination of up-right and feeder heads
Mimics the illusion of resting flock on the water
1 feeder drake, 1 feeder hen, 1 high head drake, 1 low head drake, 1 swimmer hen and 1 high head hen
Measures 14.5 inches breast to tail
Weight forward swim keel design



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