Avian-X Floating Mallard Duck Decoys - Back Water, 6 Pack

by Avian-X
$ 69.99
Unbelievable realism that will literally blow ducks away! The Floating Mallard from Avian X is the most realistic set of mallard drakes and hens ever to roll off the production line Ultra-realistic paint schemes and unrivaled durability lead off an incredible set of features, including an innovative weight-forward keel with an integral swim clip that secures the birds while creating a realistic swimming motion even in the slightest current or breeze.

Each decoy is oversized for extra attraction, measuring about 14.5" breast-to-tail.

Back Water pack includes four drakes (two surface feeders, two feeders), and two feeder hens.

Ultra-realistic paint schemes
Unrivaled durability
Innovative weight-forward keel
Integral swim clip
Realistic swimming motion
Oversized for extra attraction
About 14.5" breast-to-tail
Six pack includes four drakes and two hens



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