Avery GHG Pro-Grade Series Wood Ducks with 4oz QuickRigs

by Avery Outdoors
$ 74.99
The all new Pro-Grade Wood Ducks feature a variety of unique body styles and head positions to provide the most realistic look ever created.

These Wood Ducks feature exceptional body styles with true to life detail, precise anatomy and ultimate realism. The new Pro-Grade paint scheme also creates incredible realism that is the next best thing to real feathers.

The attached 60/40 DURA-KEEL provides perfect natural weight distribution and the most lifelike ride in all water conditions. The new swivel head design also allows for a variety of head positions throughout the spread.

Add the final touches of complete realism to your decoy rig!

Pre-Rigged. Comes with everything you need, cord, crimps, and anchors - just crimp to desired depth and go hunting!!!\

Active Pack includes:
  • 2 Swivel Head Drakes
  • 2 Rester Drakes
  • 1 Active Hen
  • 1 Rester Hen


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