Avery GHG Pro-Grade Series Mallard Sleepers/Resters

by Avery Outdoors
$ 74.99
Creating the appearance of a complete lifelike flock has never been easier! The Mallard Sleepers and Resters offer a content, safe look that will fool even the weariest of birds. Original artwork was sculptured by World Champion carver Dick Rhode. All Pro-Grades feature the 60/40 DURA-KEEL to provide the most lifelike ride in all water conditions. These ultra-realistic decoys will even have the most experience waterfowlers looking twice!

Sleeper/Rester Pack includes:
  • 3 Rester Drakes
  • 1 Rester Hen
  • 1 Sleeper Drake
  • 1 Sleeper Hen


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