Avery GHG Pro-Grade January Mallard Active 6-Pack

by Avery Outdoors
$ 74.99
GHG has revolutionized the full body mallard decoy…again! The one-piece design eliminates broken heads and split bodies, and the RealMotion II System makes for hassle-free set ups and pick-ups. Perfect bodies, RealLegs and molded-in primaries combine with vibrant paint schemes and six body styles for unprecedented attention to small details.

The All-new Avery GHG Pro Grade Mallard Active Pack Floater - The all new Pro-Grade Mallard Actives feature a variety of unique body styles and head positions to provide the most realistic look ever created.

Ducks Unlimited Official Licensed Product.

This Active Pack includes: 2 High Head Drakes, 2 Low Actives Drakes, 2 Content Hens


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