Avery GHG Elite Full Body Mallard Harvester 6 Pack

by Avery Outdoors
$ 159.99
FFD Full-Bodied Mallards-Greenhead Gear Decoys revolutionized field duck hunting in 2005 with the introduction of the full-bodied mallard decoy. Ten years later that concept has been taken a step further with a one-piece design that is more portable and durable than the original.

Now Greenhead Gear is proud to introduce a fully flocked version available in the one-piece decoy. Now your decoys will really stand out for the increased visibility that leads to attracting more ducks into range.

  • 1 Feeder Hen
  • 1 Content Hen
  • 1 Stretch Neck Feeder Drake
  • 1 Searcher Feeder Drake
  • 1 Walker Drake
  • 1 High Head Drake


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